The old homestead

This is where is all started, a place called Chestnut Mountain outside of Hinton, West Virginia. 100 acres of land in the middle of God’s country. It wraps around and up the mountain, so finding a flat place to build or garden was a challenge. My dad started building the house you see in the picture in the early 70’s. Built out of reclaimed railroad timbers he had milled, the place has weathered almost 40 years and amazingly, it’s still standing.

Heat was an old Franklin stove and we didn’t have running water, although we had a spring that let us pump water to the house. This was roughing it to say the least..When I tell my two girls that we had to pee in a pickle jar in the winter time because it was too cold to go outside, they can hardly believe it..

As a kid I played out in the woods, my mom gardened, we had an apple orchard and even a goat, named Lily. This is where it all began, my love for the outdoors and nature.



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