Blueberries are busting out..

Hooray for blueberries..All I can say it it’s about time..Like I said in an earlier post if you’re the instant gratification type then gardening probably isn’t for you. Some of these bushes have been in the ground for several years.

It’s helped that the bees have been very busy this year especially around the blueberries, and it doesn’t hurt that we have several different varieties clustered near one another. It’s all about the cross pollination.

Anyway, it seems like I’ve waited forever for these bushes to start putting out fruit like this. I’m sure the fertilizer didn’t hurt things either…Looking forward to being able to have fresh blueberries this summer and maybe even homemade preserves. That is if I can keep the birds and other critters from eating the fruit, but they’re out there in nature so I guess you have to give nature its share…


blue berry bush
blue berry bush
Blueberry bushes
Blueberry bushes
blueberry bush
blueberry bush



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