Tomatoes from seeds

Are they a fruit or a vegetable??

Interesting fact, in the case of Nix v. Hedden, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that tomatoes are vegetables, despite the botanical fact that tomatoes are fruits. According to the Concise Oxford Dictionary of Botany, a fruit is defined as “strictly, the ripened ovary of a plant and its contents.


I don’t care what the Supreme Court says, I’ve always called tomatoes a fruit…so there you go.

Anyway, I’ve had miserable luck growing tomatoes in Florida. Last time I tried was a couple of years ago and a combination of the heat and horned worms conspired to destroy almost my entire crop.

They sure looked good starting out…

Now that I’m a somewhat wiser gardener, I’ve Decided to try a different method. Instead of buying plants, this time I grew them from seeds. Seeds can be tricky, unlike grabbing a plant of the shelf at your local nursery, they take some attention.

There are different ways to grow tomatoes. You can plant them in the ground, use a container or even one of those hanging tomato planters where they grow upside down. They’re neat, but kind of expensive.

I’d never grown tomatoes from seeds, so we’ll see how they do..

I started with these, one is an Early Girl hybrid that takes 52 days to fruit, the other is a beefsteak variety that will take a full month longer, 80 days. A word of advice, if you’re looking for success right off the bat, try cherry tomatoes, they’re much easier..However, if you want tomato you can slice up and put on a sandwich read on..










You can’t grow a tomato from seed by just planting it in the ground and waiting. The best way is to start them in a container, like the one below. I used an old plastic salad container and punched some wholes in the bottom, put a nice layer of moist gardening soil down and then made a bunch of small indentations in the dirt with my finger. The lid of the container helped to act as a mini green house keeping the moisture in and this is what I have after a couple of weeks. There are about 18 sprouts in there. In another week or two I should be able to stick these in the ground outside.








Stay tuned for more tomato updates…



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