Tomatoes 2.0

Maybe next year I’ll take another shot at growing tomatoes from seeds. For now, I just want to be able to actually get some “fruit” before our short Florida spring turns into the oppressive summer, making them all but impossible to grow in the garden. 

My neighbor, who was once a big time backyard gardener told me how he used grow lights in his garage to start plants from seed right around Christmas each year. By March they were ready to go in the ground and by the end of April he already had a crop. I’m not quite that ambitious, but maybe next year..

Starting with a seed is a lot less expensive then buying a plant, but far more labor intensive, so there are definitely pros and cons to each. There are also lots of different methods for growing tomatoes. You have container gardening or those upside down contraptions, but I’ve committed to doing it the traditional way, in the ground. If it doesn’t work this time, maybe I’ll read a book about growing tomatoes.. Oh wait, I have one of those.

Join me on this tomato growing journey, and we’ll see how the four varieties I planted fair over the next couple of months…

Started with a total of 5 plants from the local Ace, two Early Girl hybrids, they should fruit the earliest about 50 days, a Fantastico, a Cherokee Purple (heirloom variety), the Mortgage Lifter (bought it just because of the name), and some sort of grafted grape tomato that is supposed to put out tons of fruit called the Mighty ‘Mato Grafted Black Cherry..

Here they are after planting on 4/19. The Mighty ‘Mato already has some fruit on it, so I’ll be curious to see how it does. I’ll post weekly updates to keep track of their progress, so stay tuned.

Mortgage Lifter
Mortgage Lifter
Cherokee Purple Heirloom
Cherokee Purple Heirloom
Mighty 'Mato
Mighty ‘Mato

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