Raised Herb Garden

Forget the the dried stuff, fresh herbs taste so much better. We eat a lot of salad and my wife likes to make homemade dressing using whatever we get out of the garden. We have a couple different types of basil, two or three different kinds parsley, rosemary, mint, chives and a datil pepper plant.

Herb gardens are probably the easiest way to get stared growing something. In fact you don’t need a garden at all or much space, you could actually do it in a large pot or other type of container if you wanted to.

If you’re like me, you’ll want to build something yourself. The one below was built with scrap material I had laying around. It consists of 1×4 cypress fence boards for the sides (won’t rot), some pressure treated one by’s for the legs and chicken wire for the bottom. In hindsight it would have been nice if the box was just a little bit deeper, maybe I’ll do that with the next one.

Cut your boards the same length and make a square. Next, cut the chicken wire to the size of the box and attach it to the bottom. Make some legs with the one by’s and that’s it. You could add some sort of mesh on top of the chicken wire to keep the soil from falling out. I didn’t and have not had a problem. Fill the box with you favorite gardening soil, I used black cow and some miracle grow, but anything will work.

There it is..

Raised herb garden








What’s worked

  • Mint is really easy to grow and will spread all over if you don’t keep it in check. I’ve had to pull some of it before it started crowding other things out.
  • Most basil will only last through a season before it gets woody. If you can find it, by the perennial basil it will last for several growing seasons.
  • Chives are pretty sturdy, I’ve been getting cuttings off one of them for going on 3 years now.
  • Rosemary, planted it and it just took off.
  • Parsley, can be hit or miss. There are a number of varieties. I’ve had good luck with the curly and Italian kind.

What hasn’t worked

  • Tarragon, tried a couple of plants but they didn’t make it.
  • Basil from seed. I tried everything, but the tiny plants just wouldn’t grow.
  • Parsley from seed. Same as with the basil.


  • Raised beds have a tendency to dry out pretty quickly, so pay attention and make sure you’re watering accordingly.
  • Experiment with different types of plants and see what works best.








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