Apple Tree Down…

Woke up Mother’s Day morning and went outside to check on things..Walking around to the “orchard”, I felt a wave of panic wash over me while staring at the once healthy and upright Tropic Sweet, that was now bent almost at a 90 degree and laying on it’s side. After all of the time an effort spent tending to these trees, to say I was disappointed is an understatement.

Not sure whether something tried to climb up the tree to get the fruit or what. The apples were still there and it didn’t look like anything had tried to eat them.



All of my trees are grafted to either dwarf or semi-dwarf root stock, meaning they won’t grow as large as a standard tree. The part of the tree you see in the picture that looks like a joint, is called the graft union. Typically you want union to be just two or three inches above the soil. Mine may have been to high.

I dug out the the tree, and repaired it by wrapping stretch tape tightly around the crack. Then I replanted it slightly deeper than before. I’m hoping that after some time it will grow back together, but that could take 5 or 6 months…

In all honesty, I was on the fence. Ace has a year guarantee on their trees and this one isn’t but 6 months old, so I almost returned it and got another one, but you have to have patience. I’ll give it some time and see how it does. Fingers crossed.



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