Apple Tree Update

Well I did it…After talking to several “tree experts”, the consensus was that the Tropic Sweet wasn’t going to make it with that kind of break at the base of the trunk..Even with the repair I made, the prospects were less than 50/50, so I pulled the plug..

Not to worry, I have not gotten rid of the tree, yet. Instead I put it in a container to see if it’s possible to revive it, while not occupying valuable space for a tree that I know will grow..

Made another trip to Ace..they had 3 apple trees left, two Dorsett Golden and one Anna Apple. The Anna Apple looked pretty good, so I grabbed it and in the ground it went.

Anna apple is a very large, beautiful red-blushed apple that is shaped just like a Red Delicious and tastes like ‘Gala’. We call this our “Fire Cracker” apple because it’s always ripe by the Fourth of July. The flesh is so firm and juicy it actually crackles when you bite into it. Fruit ripens late June-early July. Use DORSETT GOLDEN, JOY’S APPLE or TROPIC SWEET for cross pollination. 250 chill hours. Zones 8B-9B. Just Fruits and Exotics

Because of the low chill requirement, the Anna will thrive in warmer climates not typically associated with growing apples.

Let’s hope this one has a long and “fruitful” life

Anna Apple
Anna Apple
Anna Apple
Anna Apple



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