Tomatoes are doing great!!

The tomatoes are growing like crazy. Must be doing something right. They’re getting plenty of water, and I’ve made sure to supplement them with some vegetable fertilizer, but they are doing even better than I expected they would. Guess I shouldn’t doubt myself so much.. Anyway, they were all planted on April 19th, so I’m right around 6 weeks of growing time.

We’ve already had a few from the Mighty ‘mato. Interesting looking fruit, they’re a little larger than a cherry tomato and very sweet, they have a funky purple/reddish skin, but they’re really tasty..

This is what they looked like when they were first planted…


Mighty 'mato
Mighty ‘mato in the beginning
Mortgage Lifter
Mortgage Lifter







Here they are today..some of the plants have gotten so large you can’t even tell where one begins and the other ends, so I have a bit of thinning to do.. Can’t wait until we’re able to enjoy some delicious home grown ‘maters..

tomato plants
Ripening tomatoes





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