Squirrels in the blueberries…

Squirrel, it’s what’s for dinner…I say somewhat sarcastically and realize nature will always take her share, especially when growing outdoors, but those nasty rodents have been feasting on our blueberries for the last several weeks. The way things stand, we’re hardly going to get any this year..Aside from putting some sort of protection around the bushes, the only real solution is to thin the squirrel population..

I’ve been talking about this for a couple a while and the girls have gotten wind of it. They’re creative minds started coming up with endless ways to trap the squirrels accompanied by elaborate pictures of said traps..hmm, not sure what I was supposed to do with a trapped squirrel…

Anyway, I’m not a hunter per say, but I don’t mind hunting. For those that find the notion of eliminating these furry creatures as cruel or inhumane, I’m sorry for you…Get back to me when you watch them devour your crop like locusts year after year…

Maybe I’m being a bit dramatic, and yes, the squirrel is just being a squirrel, but the fact is these buggers have gotten so bold that they’ll climb down the fence, sit in front of the bushes and munch away without a care in the world.  Seemingly daring me to do something…game on..

Image result for squirrel hunting

Check out this site for some squirrel great recipes, including squirrel in cream sauce, or squirrel kabobs..you may open yourself up to an entirely new culinary experience..maybe we’ll get lucky this year and there’ll be enough blueberries left to have some squirrel delight with blueberry compote…


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