Lemon Tree Trouble – update

See the bottom of my post for an update

Been keeping an eye on the Meyer lemon tree for the last couple of weeks. Noticed there were tiny ants on it and what looked like some sort of black eggs underneath the leaves. I treated it with a spray that seems to have controlled the insects, but now I’ve noticed that the leaves have a mottled green/yellow color to them.

While there is a fair amount of new growth on the tree and even a couple of fruits have set I’m thinking it this a far more severe problem and likely systemic.


After looking around on the internet it appears that what I have is a result of citrus greening. The picture below is from the Southeast Farm Press  site in an article on greening. Unfortunately, it’s a dead ringer for what’s happening to my leaves.

According to UF IFAS Citrus Extension, some of the symptom of greening are:

  • Leaf symptoms include blotchy mottle, yellow veins, vein corking or green islands
  • Yellow veins, vein corking or green islands are not diagnostic alone
  • Blotchy mottle is the best diagnostic leaf symptom of greening
  • Blotchy mottle: a random pattern of  yellowing (chlorosis) on leaves that is not the same on the right and left sides of the leaf
  • Yellow veins can be confused with other diseases (e.g. foot rot) or damage (e.g. broken or girdled limb)

Sadly, it looks like I may have to take this guy out..on the plus side, since I’ve only had it for about a year, I’ll be able to get a free replacement..Aside from that, hopefully I’ve caught it in time and it won’t spread to my Valencia of grapefruit trees.

Picture of tree (not mine) with greening

Update: So this is a lesson on posting before having all of your information..After consulting with some fellow gardeners over at the Garden Web forum, it appears that the tree has some sort of nutrient deficiency, possibly zinc (see picture below). Which can be confused with greening. Check out this site specifically dedicated to identifying citrus diseases. The plan is to add some fertilizer and keep an eye on things. Hopefully it should clear up in a couple of weeks.

tree with zinc deficiency

One thought on “Lemon Tree Trouble – update

  1. Your plants veins are green it’s between the veins that is yellow. Also your defeciency is the same on both sides of the leaves.


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