Pineapple guava update

Really impressed with how well the pineapple guava is doing. Planted these some time in  March. Honestly, it’s been one of those “set it and forget it” shrubs. Which makes me feel bad in a way because I haven’t paid that much attention to them. To that end the pineapple guava has become one of my favorites in our landscape, partially because it’s maintenance free, but also because of the vibrant and lush green foliage. What impresses me the most is that it almost seems to shrug off the heat.

You can see in the recent picture that there is some new growth sprouting up. They’re supposed to flower from April through May and then fruit between August and October. We didn’t have any flowers this year, I’m guessing because the shrub is so young. Hopefully next year though.

pineapple guava
pineapple guava

pineapple guava

pineapple guava


As I was taking my rounds in the yard, my thoughts turned to how much effort and work I’ve had to put into some of the other things we’re growing (apple trees), and part of me wishes they could all be as easy as these guys, but that’s just not the way it works. Provided they keep doing what they’re doing. next year I fully intend to plant some more.

Happy gardening.



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