The Accidental Banana Forest

This our banana forest. At least that’s what I call it. Believe it or not, these trees wound up where they are entirely by accident. A little background, the previous owner of our house went nuts with the landscaping. In addition to planting a bunch of useless things, he also chose his locations poorly. Don’t get me wrong, he had good intentions and it was one of the reasons we really liked the property..That was before I knew better..The banana trees were among those that were planted way to close the house and in a way they didn’t give them much room to spread out.

banana forest









In 10 plus years they would produce huge flowers and even bunches of bananas, but for some reason would never ripen..Last year, I had enough and decided they needed to come out. My intention was to be completely rid of them, so I wasn’t particularly careful in the method. I hacked, chopped and dug until there was nothing left. The remnants were discarded behind the fence, cast off to decompose from whence they came. Amazingly over the course of the next 6 months, the displaced chunks of root and left over trees managed to talk hold. The tiny plants survived through the winter and are actually thriving in their new location. More testament to mother nature’s resilience.

Not 100% sure, but I believe these are Rajapuri bananas, which are one of the hardiest varieties and easiest to grow. These are considered 9 month bananas, meaning they’re suitable for the 9 month growing season. They are cold hardy to a certain point, but won’t tolerate hard freezes very well. In order to fruit, the tree will need to have produced somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 leaves. On top of that they like organic matter 20-0-50 fertilizer is ideal and lots of irrigation. But if you’re not interested in getting fruit you can just leave them go.

These guys are pretty small so I don’t expect them to do anything this season. Hopefully by next year we’ll get some homegrown bananas..



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