The summer rains have returned

The summer of 2015 is in full swing. I keep hearing people say that it feels hotter this year than previous ones, but they say the same thing every year. It would be 200 degrees if that were the case. Anyway, what started out as hot and dry quickly turned towards the more familiar humid, rainy weather that anyone living in Florida for more than 2 minutes has grown accustomed to. Rain is the reason everything is so green here and I’ll happily take that any day of the week over parched dry and brown…

Personally, I welcome the return of the afternoon thunderstorms and recently, we’ve had some nice “frog stranglers”, northerners might call them “gully washers”. It nature’s way of showing us there are patterns, albeit they can be erratic at times. To that end, there’s something relaxing about the gathering clouds and the distant booming of the thunder. Watching the skies darken and the winds pick up you can actually smell the rain and sometimes the charge in the air from the lightning, even better the temperature will usually drop sharply as the storm approaches.

A nice storm can bring temps down any where from 15 to 20 degrees, making the afternoons comfortable. That is until the mosquitoes come out with a vengeance..

With all of the rain, it’s like mother nature is giving me a vacation from watering. The rain barrels remain topped off, and I haven’t had to use them in a week or two. I like surplus. Even the irrigation for the garden hasn’t been necessary and I’ve been free of having to water the fruit trees. I’ll enjoy it while it lasts as I’m sure there is a dry spell waiting just around the corner..

Happy gardening..

Gathering clouds



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