New growth on the grapefruit tree

While making the rounds this weekend I was pleasantly surprised to see some new growth on the flame grapefruit. Good thing, because it was starting to remind me of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree…

The flame grapefruit is a great variety for the backyard orchard or even patio growers. The trees bear medium-sized fruit that are blushed red on the outside, and is intensely red on the inside. Very juicy grapefruit, with a rich flavor and few or no seeds. Trees are more cold hardy than most red grapefruit, and bear heavier than most varieties. Fruit holds on the tree for months, making it an excellent container plant. Fruit ripens November to May. Self-fertile. Zones 8B-10. (From Just Fruit and Exotics)

This tree was planted some time in February, so it’s going on about 5 months and should be pretty well established at this point..It appears that it’s starting to flower again as well. The tree is still so small that I’ll probably wind up thinning any of the fruit it sets. For now I’m just happy to see that its’ thriving…

Happy gardening.



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