Garden variety update, a little bit of everything

The summer has flown by and I realized the other day that it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. It’s not that I haven’t been doing anything in the garden, but the blogging part has kind of taken a back seat. So, I’m intending to do a “quality” post today…

First the’s in a pretty sad state right now. The one tomato plant I have left is the ‘might mato, the cherry hybrid, and it is still producing a handful of fruit each week. I may try for another round of tomatoes in August, but the whole battle with the snails and caterpillars made the entire enterprise a lot less enjoyable. Next spring, I will probably forego regular tomatoes entirely and instead just stick to the cherry variety.

The sugar baby watermelons I planted didn’t take, not sure if was to late of a start, the soil or something else, but they were definitely a no go.. Sad to, because we love watermelon..

One thing that took off was the piece of sugar cane I planted. The stalk you see below is courtesy of the folks at the Florida Agriculture Museum down in Palm Coast. We went in February, and they were kind enough to give me a piece of stalk from their field. I dug a hole, laid the stalk in lengthwise, nature did the rest and a couple of weeks later it started we had a tiny shoot and now it’s a full sized cane. Not like we have a whole lot of use for sugar cane, but it’s neat to see how easily it grows here.

sugar can shoot
sugar cane shoot
sugar cane stalk
sugar cane stalk

Banana trees are doing good..I cut down a small pine that was in the way and they’re getting a lot more sun.


Really pleased with the sweet potatoes. These guys just keep growing without much attention at all..The best part is I can keep cutting sections of the plants off to start new ones..Definitely will be planting more next year.


The butterfly garden is a bit overgrown, courtesy of the lantana and firecracker bush, but it’s nice to see all of these vibrant colors. Also, I’m really happy because a couple of weeks ago the zinnias and cosmos started to bloom. Haven’t really seen many butterflies lately, but something has been eating the milkweed.

before pruning
before pruning
after pruning
after pruning

Last, check out the progress of the peach/nectarine tree. You might remember I grew these small sapling from see and planted them in the food forest a couple months ago. It’s amazing how much they have grown since, especially without any real attention from me.


That’s all for now. Happy gardening!!


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