Air potato beetles released..the battle begins

The shipment of red shelled warriors from the University of Florida IFAS arrived earlier this week. They were shipped overnight which says something as to the priority the state has put on eliminating the air potato scourge.

Was told there were 50 beetles, but I doubt if there were more than 30. They came packed in a styrofoam box with a cold pack. The beetles were nestled in a plastic container with a lid and some air potato leaves that they had been snacking on.


The beetles will continue to eat until the air potatoes are gone and can even if the run out of food here, which I doubt they will, they can travel as far as 10 miles to look for more.


The first beetle released landed on this leaf and it looked like he was already going to work. I’ll take some pictures over the next couple of weeks to track their progress, so stay tuned


Happy gardening.


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