Apple tree didn’t make it

Another weekend has passed and sadly, another apple tree will be added to the compost pile. I knew the odds were pretty long that the Anna apple was going to make it..You can read about that here, in a previous post. In summary, I planted it in May, then sometime around mid-summer decided to dig it up to straighten the trunk. The picture below was right after it was planted.

Anna Apple

Anna Apple


The shock of digging it up caused it to lose all of it’s leaves. I’d hoped that it could be salvaged, and was checking it nearly every day for the last several weeks and was even encouraged by the fact that there were some small buds on a couple of the branches, but it was not meant to be. Yesterday while making the rounds, I was checking the branches and several just snapped. Did a test on the trunk and scraped down to the cambium layer and found it was completely dried out..The only thing this tree is good for now is kindling..









Set backs are to be expected, but this is the 3rd apple tree I’ve lost in about a year. On the plus side, the two Dorsett’s are doing really well. I’m going to take a break until fall and will try putting another tree in there. Maybe the 4th time will be the charm…

Happy gardening.


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