Apple chronicles – New Anna Apple

I know, I know, I said I was going to wait until fall to buy another one, but staring at the hole in the ground bothered me and I had to do something about it..

Took my daughter over to Trad’s on the off chance that they might have an Anna..After feeding the chickens, we walked through the nursery and all we saw were crab apples and Dorsetts. I figured we were out of luck..Then at the very end tucked behind another tree we found this last remaining Anna, and that was that. Got it home, dug out the hole and promptly planted it.

This one is quite a bit taller with a lot more leaves. After planting, I watered it in with some fertilome root stimulator, and it just so happens to be pouring down rain now so it will get another good soaking.

That’s it for today’s apple chronicles, please keep your fingers and toes crossed that this one will be successful.

Thanks for reading and happy gardening.

Anna apple
Anna apple










anna apple
anna apple

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