Anna Apple, what’s wrong??

This being my third Anna apple, it kind of feels like one of those bad dreams you keep having over and over again..Who knows, maybe I’m not meant to grow a tree in this part of the yard, or I bought a bum tree..

What I do know is that I planted this tree in pretty much the exact same way as all of the others and they’re doing fine. The Anna apple however, for lack of a better term is struggling. Even with all of the rain the leaves are browning and it doesn’t look healthy. Someone on a garden forum suggested the soil in this location might be bad. I’m not so sure that’s the issue since there are other trees close by that are thriving.

Bought this tree at Trad’s nursery and it had a dark spot on the main part of the trunk. You can see it in the picture below, looks almost like a burn mark (second from left). I was hesitant at first, but when I talked to someone at the the nursery they said it wasn’t a problem and the tree would be fine. Here we are just 3 weeks later and this is what it looks like.











Leaves on the branches above the darkened area seem to be dying off. This morning I noticed the leaves on a particular branch were all brown. However, you can see in following picture the vigorous growth below the darkened spot on the trunk.










Nothing much to do at this point, but let nature take it’s course..however, my gut is telling me the outcome is going to be the same as before..

Happy gardening.(bleh)


5 thoughts on “Anna Apple, what’s wrong??

  1. Most nurseries will refund you within a certain time if there is a problem. You should talk to someone at the nursery and see if they’ll replace it. It sure looks like the black/brown spot IS a problem! Don’t give up on the Anna apple. Love Mom


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