Some pictures of the “orchard” and new trees

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, there are a total of 7 trees in this picture (8 if you include the one on the other side of the fence)…4 apple, 3 pear, and 1 grapefruit. Two of the apple trees are new from this past weekend. The struggling Anna apple was removed and replaced with another, this time from Lowes. I also added a Gala, it’s smaller one nearest to the camera.

We were at Lowes picking out a new oven, I had no intention on buying any more trees, trees, but they had a big shipment of them out front that looked really healthy, and for a a little more than $20 each I figured why not. While these trees are planted fairly close to one another, I plan to keep them pruned down so they don’t get out of control.

There is always the chance that I’ll regret this down the road when we find ourselves burdened with pounds of fresh fruit, but I doubt it…

Happy gardening.


Gala apple
Gala apple
Anna apple
Anna apple

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