First attempt at tree bending

You never know when you come across a new forum or site on the interweb, whether the people will be welcoming or cliquish and rude. I’ve seen it both ways. Admittedly, I’m not an authority when it comes to all things related to fruit trees, so I was looking for advice when I accidentally stumbled on the site in question, I was really happy to find a nice group of folks all bound by a common interest in, you guessed it, growing fruit…

I posted some picture of my trees and was rewarded with some good advice. Evidently my trees are too “vertical” and it was suggested that I pull them down to encourage more fruiting spur growth.

Following the instructions on tying down young trees, I took my first shot at tree shaping. This system is used in commercial orchard and is supposed to help with fruit production. You can see I removed the suckers and that’s where I anchored the bailing twine, then with a little work I was finally able to get the branches in the position I wanted. I’m not the best at tying knots, and you need to make them so they don’t slip off the branches. That part took the most time.

So, here is the before and after

Dorsett apple before
Dorsett apple before


Dorsett apple after

This tree happens to be very healthy, so it will be interesting to see how it responds. It can take about 2 months for branches to be able to hold their shape. Stay tuned.

Happy gardening.


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