Backyard Orchard update

Fall is almost officially here. Well as much as you can call it fall in NE Florida. The leaves won’t be changing colors, but they’re starting to fall off the sweet gum tree which is a sure sign summer is over. That and it’s only 85 every day and not 90…

So,  here’s what’s been going on.  Not much on the gardening front. Actually, nothing at all. Weekends have been busy with other pursuits so I haven’t gotten around to putting the fall garden in. I do however plan to carve out some time in the next week or two to make that happen. That’s not to say I’ve been completely idle. Most of my time outside has been spent on the fruit trees.

First, my attempt at grafting failed. There was a number of reasons, but primarily I just didn’t know what I was doing. I’ve been watching numerous youtube videos on the subject and feel that I’ll have more success the next time around.

You might also remember my tree bending effort. Turns out there is a little more to it than just tying down branches, so I unbent them, did a little more research and will wait until the trees goes dormant to do it the proper way, which involves cutting some of the branches.

Then there was the Anna apple tree that didn’t make it..I know, there were so many, you’re saying which one?? This was the last one that lost all of the leaves at the top. I pulled this tree out, fully intending to take it back to the nursery, but decided to take a different route. More on that in a minute.

The newest additions to the “orchard”, the Anna and Gala are doing really well. With all of the rain we’ve had in the last couple of weeks, they have established themselves and are already showing signs of growth. That’s pretty exciting.

So the Anna apple. I was ready to take this tree back and figured why not see if I could salvage it. Here is how it looked before the pruning.

Anna apple before pruning
Inside of trunk










And here it is planted after the pruning. It’s got a nice corner in the yard between the Dorsett and one of the pear trees. The growth near the base seems really healthy so we’ll see if it can make it through the winter. Stay tuned.

Anna apple after pruning










Happy gardening.


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