I’ve got apples – Dorsett Golden

This is pretty exciting. I’m feeling confident that we might actually get some apples this year from the Dorsett Golden. It’s the oldest apple tree in my “orchard”, kind of by default because none of the others survived. Checked my notes and I’ve lost at least 4 or 5 other trees over the course of the last two years.

Anyway, it’s just a healthy vigorous tree with lots of new growth and fuit (hopefully the squirrels won’t notice). You can see the shape of the tiny apples in the second picture. The Dorsett will fruit without a pollinator, but it does better with one. Unfortunately, none of my other trees are flowering at this time. The result is usually a lower yield and the fruit will kind of be an oblong shape, but that won’t affect the flavor. I’ll probably wind up thinning these out to just a couple per cluster so the fruit will get larger, but I’m still deciding. Will post up more pictures as the fruit continues to grow..

Happy gardening!


IMG_20170308_175504935_HDR-2672x1503 (1).jpgIMG_20170323_173243344-4008x2255.jpg


One thought on “I’ve got apples – Dorsett Golden

  1. Beautiful !! Hope your fruit continues to grow. I’m sure your wondering why this was the only tree to make it to fruiting….well, to survive. Obviously apple trees are not easy to grow in Florida ! Fingers crossed. Mom


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