Red Navel Orange

About a month ago I purchased a red navel orange from our local citrus nursery it came in a 10 gallon pot(Flying Dragon). Wasn’t really intending to get another orange, but I tasted the fruit and was impressed with the flavor. No seeds and the one I had was sweet but not overly and just juicy enough. Let’s face it, living in Florida you can never have enough citrus..

The red navel or cara cara is thought to be a cross between a Washington navel and a Brazilian Bahia, so it was essentially a genetic mutation. Not all mutations are good, but this one is definitely a winner.

Here’s the young tree, the foliage is much darker green than my other citrus. Not sure if that’s the nature of the red navel or it’s just healthy. It does have a few small fruits on it and you can see in the second picture that it’s getting ready to blossom. Hoping this will be an orange making machine.

Happy gardening!






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